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So you are interested in some classic period dealer show plates ? 

Let us explain how it works...

THE BASICS - What do you need to know? Our dealer show plates are typically £55 inc postage for a pair (of standard oblong sized plates). We normally take a few days for the initial design phase and then share a mockup for you to approve (which can be tweaked) before printing. Once you have approved the mockup, we can generally print the following day and then organise the courier. Once printed and before posting we will share pictures with you. When posted you will receive tracking updates via email. Delivery is usually 2-3 days after being collected by the courier. Lead time naturally depends on several factors; Receiving payment, sending us the correct ID documentation, the design and approval stages and other orders already in the queue. Once payment is made we can book the order in and work out a timescale.  Take a look at our Dealer Plate gallery to see some of the plates we have made.

THE DESIGN - How does it work? There could be several scenarios…so bear with us and read on… 1. You have original plates that you would like replicated 2. You know the original dealer (from your service history, paperwork, business card, dealer sticker etc) and an image can be located for this or we have one already on file. 3. If you don’t know your original dealer, there is a possibility to use the registration to narrow down the location in the country where the car should have been first registered in order to then try to find a local dealer (this will take time and may not bring anything up as it does rely on google searches) so would add to the cost and is something you could do yourself also. 4. You have a dealer in mind that you would like (perhaps from another car, from our website/social media galleries, a dealer sticker or from a Google image. 5. You want us to create a bespoke period design for you (if you want various elements from other designs or the dealer design isn’t on google. We can even create a dealer design for your business). If your request doesn't fit into any of the above scenarios just let us know in the Dealer Plate form below and we can follow up directly with you.

DOCUMENTATION - What do I need to send? So, essentially we just need 2 x forms of ID (the most common ones are): - Photo of your driving license - Photo of your v5 document front cover (showing the Reg & Document Ref No) We do accept other forms of ID if necessary (check out our "Docs" page for the full list). For these, you can either take a picture and send to us via WhatsApp (0333 444 5 360) or scan and send via email (

SHOW PLATES - Are Dealer plates road legal? Our dealer plates are printed using top quality materials that are approved by DVLA and adhere to BSAU standards. However, all dealer replica plates are considered to be show plates and aren’t fully legal because they won’t have certain details on them (which are required in order to be road legal). This is for several reasons: - They typically use the older period correct font for the year of registration which is wider than the current modern font. - They won't have the plate makers (ie our) name/postcode at the bottom. - They wont have the latest BSAU 145e code in the bottom right.

COLOUR PRINTING - What you need to know When you print colour onto the reflective (white/yellow), you are printing over the top of the white or yellow and the colour of the material you print onto will have an effect. So on a white front plate it has no effect because it’s simply white. On a rear yellow plate, when you apply colour on top ie a logo/design the yellow underneath affects the colour on top. This is why the rear plates with colour designs always appear slightly different to the fronts. Check out our Dealer Plate gallery if you are unsure.

Please fill out the form below and go to checkout to place your order.

We aim to respond with your dealer plate order within 24 hours.

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